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A leading voice in legal tech, Colin participates in many webinars, podcasts and interviews. Experience legal tech Colin's way through the media below.

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Contract Management

For today’s episode, I spoke with Vishal Sunak, Colin Levy, Daniel Barnes, and Shashank Bijapur about contract management and the risk management systems, and the best practices for lawyers and law firms.

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Are you using your Legaltech tools to their full potential?

Legaltech tools are capable of much more than just storing and managing contracts on a cloud, but most people don’t use them to their full extent.

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How to Manage the Contracting Process ft Colin Levy

We sat down with in-house legal counsel Colin Levy to discuss the Malbek contract management tool and the ways it helps business owners avoid nightmares.

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Demystifying Legal Technology With Colin Levy

Legal Tech is one of the popular buzzwords you can’t help hearing when talking about the future of law these days.

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Making the Right Tech Choices With Our Guest Colin Levy

How do we integrate new tech in a way that improves the experience for clients and makes it easier for you and your employees to serve your clients?

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How Malbek's Colin Levy Transitioned From Lawyer to Legal Operations Leader

In this episode, Alex sits down with Colin Levy, Director of Legal at Malbek.

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J. Stephen Poor of Pioneers & Pathfinders interviews Colin Levy

If you have spent any time in the “legal tech” hashtag on social media, you’ve probably encountered today’s guest.

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Podcast with Colin Levy, Legal Tech Evangelist

Mike Madison, Law Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, talks with Colin Levy about his passion for legal technology, how it became his passion and career path in the field of law.

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A Conversation w/ Colin Levy: Problem definition and Why it's Crucial to Your Legal Tech ROI

It’s a candid, engaging listen that’s relevant to today’s legal environment.

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How Will Legal Tech Change the Role of Lawyers?

This week on the Legally Speaking Podcast, our host Robert Hanna welcomes Colin Levy.

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