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J. Stephen Poor of Pioneers & Pathfinders interviews Colin Levy

If you have spent any time in the “legal tech” hashtag on social media, you’ve probably encountered today’s guest. And you probably already know that Colin S. Levy is not your typical lawyer. Shaped by his experience graduating law school during the tail end of the Great Recession, he has taken many twists and turns, from eschewing Big Law to finding an in-house job—and most recently, taking on the role of legal tech evangelist at a contract life cycle management startup. Through it all, one of his key takeaways was that a lack of technological aptitude in lawyers was limiting the growth and evolution of the profession. And he has dedicated himself to exploring and closing this gap by finding out what makes legal industry innovators tick through his blog, podcasts, and social media. Tune in to today’s conversation to learn more about Colin, his love of legal tech, and how he uses social media to create career opportunities for himself.


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