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The Story of Colin S. Levy

In the dynamic and ever-shifting landscape of legal technology, Colin S. Levy emerges as a beacon of innovation and foresight. His story is not just a career trajectory but a journey that charts the evolution of legal services in the modern era.

Amidst the economic turmoil of the Great Recession, a time that tested the mettle of many, Levy graduated from law school. But rather than tread the well-worn path to 'Big Law', he chose a road less traveled. His pursuit led him to in-house legal roles, a decision that would mark the beginning of a distinctive career blending law, technology, and business.

Levy's expertise in corporate transactional law became the foundation upon which he built his reputation as a legal tech expert. His more than a decade of experience isn't just a tenure; it's a testament to his deep understanding of the nexus between law and technology. He transformed this knowledge into a platform for advocacy, educating lawyers on the transformative power of technology in legal services. It was a clarion call for efficiency, client-centric services, and innovative solutions.

At Malbek, a leading Contract Lifecycle Management company, Levy dons the dual hats of Director of Legal and Evangelist. Here, he isn't just observing the future of legal technology; he is actively shaping it. His role at Proxy, a notable legal workflow management platform, further entrenches his position as a key influencer, a visionary steering the legal industry towards uncharted territories.

Levy's career is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach. He views the legal landscape through a prism that refracts business acumen, technological innovation, and legal expertise. This unique perspective is not only entrepreneurial but deeply collaborative, echoing his belief in the synergistic power of these disciplines.

Beyond his professional sphere, Levy is a luminary sharing personal insights on platforms like LinkedIn. His discussions on legal technology, innovation, law, business, and learning are not mere observations; they are reflections of a mind deeply engaged with the evolving narrative of legal technology. His thoughts reveal a commitment to understanding and influencing this narrative, offering a holistic view of the future of law and technology.

Colin S. Levy's narrative is a tapestry woven with threads of vision, adaptability, and influence. From navigating the challenges of an economic downturn to becoming a leading voice in the realm of legal tech, his journey is a testament to understanding the complexities and harnessing the potential at the intersection of law and technology. His ongoing work continues to inspire, guide, and shape the future of legal services in an increasingly digital world.

Colin has been included in the Fastcase 50 in 2022, an annual list compiled by the legal intelligence company Fastcase. He was a key speaker at TECHxpo2019, a conference sponsored by the Ontario Bar Association, and has been featured in Above the Law and Bloomberg Law. He also writes frequently on his blog, which was named by Feedspot as one of the Top 30 Legal Blogs in 2020. 


A graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut and Boston College Law School, Colin lives in Weston, Massachusetts with his husband Jared and two exceptionally demanding felines.

“I have had the pleasure of meeting Colin in different settings on podcasts, events and was so inspired that I invited him to speak at my Fit to Practice Society fireside event. He is a standout attorney, business development expert, and legal tech extraordinaire who is 

one of the most resilient and talented individuals that I have ever met. When he speaks, he commands the room in a way no one else can.”

Angela Han

​Lawyer, Life Coach

“Fit Practice” Podcast Host

“Colin understands the complex and sometimes fraught relationship between lawyers and technology, and generously shares his insights with everyone who asks. If you’re not following him on Twitter, you’re missing out. Colin cares about our profession and its future, and it shows.”

Karen Dunn Skinner

​Attorney & CEO, Gimbal

Lean Practice Management  Advisors

David Skinner

Attorney & President

Lean Practice Management  Advisors

“Colin shared his time and expertise guiding companies through the legal innovation process at the Ontario Bar Association TechXpo annual conference in Toronto, Canada in November 2019. Colin’s engaging and thoughtful review of the process and people involved in an innovation effort provided advanced legal content to this conference which draws attendees from across Ontario every year.”

Megan Cornell

​OBA TechXpo CO-Chair & CEO Momenttum Business Law




Corporate Lawyer - Legal Tech Maven - Speaker & Writer

Colin is a visionary in the legal tech landscape, with a decade-plus journey through the intricacies of corporate transactional law and a passion for leveraging technology in the legal sphere. Colin isn't just a seasoned attorney; he's a storyteller, motivator, and an advocate for the transformative power of legal technology. His mission is to inspire change and drive innovation.

Read Colin's story below...

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