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Colin challenges audiences on their assumptions about technology and its role in the legal industry. 

Why Hire Colin to speak about Legal Tech?

Engaging Expertise: 

With his rich experience and deep understanding of legal tech, Colin delivers engaging, insightful talks and articles. He doesn’t just speak about the law; he brings it to life, weaving his expertise with the dynamic world of technology.

Tailored Keynotes & Workshops: 

Colin's approach to speaking is not one-size-fits-all. He meticulously tailors his keynotes and workshops to suit the specific audience, whether they're seasoned legal professionals, tech enthusiasts, or students venturing into the legal tech realm. His sessions are designed to be engaging, ensuring participants walk away with actionable insights.

An Evocative Journey: 

Graduating during the Great Recession, Colin's unique career path from traditional law to the forefront of legal tech innovation is not just inspiring but also offers practical insights into navigating the legal world amidst technological upheaval.

Real-World Experience & Case Studies:

Drawing from his extensive background in corporate transactional law and his roles in legal tech leadership, Colin enriches his talks with real-world examples and case studies. These anecdotes not only illustrate the practical applications of legal tech but also demonstrate its impact on the legal industry.

Interactive & Engaging Presentations:

Colin's speaking style is interactive and engaging, encouraging audience participation and fostering a dynamic learning environment. He poses thought-provoking questions and facilitates discussions, making his sessions lively and participatory.

Future-Focused Insights:

As a thought leader in legal technology and innovation, Colin provides a glimpse into the future of the legal industry. His talks often include trends to watch, emerging technologies, and how legal professionals can stay ahead in an ever-evolving field.

Colin's insights are easy to apply in practice and always mixed with bits of humor - because after all - learning about tech should be fun!


Colin S. Levy is a prominent and well-recognized figure in the legal tech world. He is known for his extensive experience in corporate law, is a legal tech evangelist, and has many contributions as a writer and speaker in the field. His career is marked by a unique blend of legal expertise, technological insight, and entrepreneurial spirit.
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Engaging - Insightful - Thought Leader

“Colin is a human first. He cares about the sustainable, civil and habitable future of law. His delivery of insights about legal innovation and technology is superb. He translates complex concepts in to enjoyable and digestible bites as he connects deeply with the audience in his writing and posts. It is a pure treat to experience Colin in action!”

Olga V. Mack

CEO of Parley Pro, Author, Speaker, Women’s Advocate

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