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Colin's contributions are pivotal for legal professionals seeking to harness the power of technology for more efficient and effective legal service delivery.

With a career dedicated to bridging the gap between law and technology, Levy brings a unique blend of expertise and insight to the table. His contributions are pivotal for legal professionals seeking to harness the power of technology for more efficient and effective legal service delivery.


Innovator in Document Competency:

Colin's involvement in the report "Document Competency: What Every Legal Professional Should Know for Effective & Efficient Drafting in Word" is groundbreaking. It aims to establish a foundational understanding of document creation in the legal ecosystem, setting the bar for quality and efficiency in legal drafting. This report is a testament to his commitment to raising standards and enhancing the skill set of legal professionals in document management.


Thought Leader in Being Multidisciplinary:

His featured article on the University of Pennsylvania Law School website, "Embrace Multidisciplinarity to Improve Client Service," underscores his vision for a more collaborative and interdisciplinary approach in legal services. This piece reflects his innovative thinking, urging legal professionals to broaden their horizons and integrate diverse skill sets for better client outcomes.


Author of The Legal Tech Ecosystem:

Levy's book, available on Amazon, "The Legal Tech Ecosystem: Innovation and Advancement," is a must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of law and technology. This book offers a comprehensive guide to the evolving legal tech landscape, providing insights and strategies for navigating and capitalizing on technological advancements in the legal sector.


Prolific Contributor to Legal Publications:

His articles featured on outlets including Law360, Bloomberg Law, and showcase his extensive knowledge and expertise. These publications, known for their influence in the legal world, serve as platforms for Levy to share his thought leadership, influencing a wide range of legal professionals and industry insiders.


Curator of Legal Tech Wisdom:

Through his series of "Legal Tech Leader Interviews," Colin S. Levy has engaged with hundreds of legal tech leaders, capturing a wealth of knowledge and experiences. His ongoing efforts to conduct these interviews provide an invaluable platform for sharing lessons, insights, and the collective wisdom of those pioneering the legal tech frontier. This initiative not only amplifies the voices of innovators but also serves as a beacon for the community, guiding and inspiring continuous growth and transformation in the legal tech sphere.


Insight - Inspiration - Innovation

A distinguished voice in the legal tech landscape, Colin is a dynamic force reshaping how we understand and implement technology in legal practices.

Colin stands at the forefront of legal tech innovation, driving change and empowering legal professionals to embrace technology.

“Colin is one of the leading thinkers and advocates in the legal technology space today, as well as someone who has experienced the practical side of legal tech. His work is therefore well worth following.”

Bjarne Philip Tellmann

General Counsel, Haleon and former General Counsel of Pearson Education

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