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What's the latest in Colin's world of legal tech...

"Legal Tech refers to not just an expanding array of technological tools, but also to a global movement aimed at making the legal industry suited for the needs of today and tomorrow’s legal consumers."

- Colin S. Levy 

Be in on the most inspiring stories and interviews from leaders in the legal tech ecosystem and get access to exclusive insights, information and reporting from the front line of legal technology.


Colin loves to mentor law students, especially those seeking to find their way in the legal technology space or simply with a desire to learn more about the world of legal tech.


A leading voice in legal tech, Colin participates in many webinars, podcasts and interviews. Experience legal tech Colin's way through by visiting our media page.


Colin S. Levy has parlayed his extensive legal career into being a legal tech maven. He uses his experience and knowledge to educate legal professionals on how to leverage technology to improve the delivery of legal services by inspiring them with his writings, interviews, and podcasts.


Colin is an energizing legal tech expert who engages with his audience and is eager to encourage them to participate whenever he delivers a presentation. He challenges audiences on their assumptions about technology and its role in the legal industry.


The legal tech world is constantly expanding. It is also complex, multifaceted and can often be overwhelming.

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Multilingual Law And Tech

Updated 3/11/2023


A while ago, I had a conversation with the head of a successful legal tech company. While we have crossed paths many times, we had only occasionally engaged in substantive discussions, and I was eager to change that.


As we chatted and updated one another on all that was going on and forthcoming in our respective corners of the legal tech space, we moved on to potential future vacation plans. I mentioned how I started to learn...


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