Collaboration and Innovation

This article provides my take on what it means to collaborate to innovate and how lawyers must listen to and learn from others.



Being An Innovator

I was interviewed by Juro, a well-known contract management company. I was asked about my thoughts on legal technology and legal innovation.



Helpful Tech When Working From Home

None of us expected when this year began that by the end of March, we would be asked or required to avoid going to the movies, restaurants, or even to the office, all of which would dramatically change our standard ways of working, our standard workflows and processes and our own outlook on the world to which we had become accustomed to. The world of COVID-19 mandates that we seek to be physically distant from one another, most of us work from home (if we’re fortunate), and where going to the grocery store or park feels as dangerous as walking outside in the midst of a tornado and necessitates wearing a mask.

Lawyers and Technology – An Evolving Relationship

I was interviewed by dealcloser and asked about my thoughts on technology and how lawyers treat technology and view technology.