Colin is a human first. He cares about the sustainable, civil, and habitable future of law. His delivery of insights about legal innovation and technology is superb. He translates complex concepts into enjoyable and digestible bites as he connects deeply with the audience in his writing, speaking, and posts. It is a pure treat to experience Colin in action! – Olga V. Mack, CEO of Parley Pro, Author, Speaker, Women’s Advocate

Colin acts as the legal technology coach for the lawyers and legal professionals in our Practice Accelerator Membership, and we look forward to his regular coaching sessions. Colin understands the complex and sometimes fraught relationship between lawyers and technology, and generously shares his insights with everyone who asks. We’ve enjoyed our many discussions with Colin in person, at events and, of course, through Twitter. If you’re not following him on Twitter, you’re missing out. Colin cares about our profession and its future, and it shows. – Karen Dunn Skinner, Attorney and CEO, Gimbal – Lean Practice Management Advisors; David Skinner – Attorney and President, Gimbal – Lean Practice Management Advisors

Colin shared his time and expertise guiding companies through the legal innovation process at the Ontario Bar Association TechXpo annual conference in Toronto, Canada in November 2019. Colin’s engaging and thoughtful review of the process and people involved in an innovation effort provided advanced legal content to this conference which draws attendees from across Ontario every year. – Megan Cornell, OBA TechXpo Co-Chair and CEO, Momentum Business Law

Colin is a contributor to ZERØ’s Lives of Lawyers blog, which focuses on the challenges facing lawyers across the industry and provides actionable insights for young attorneys to build their careers. Colin is a prolific thinker and ambitious innovator who is able to distill his overall philosophy about legal innovation into distinct steps that can be taken by individuals to improve the industry as a whole. – Bernie Toledano, Head of Marketing at ZERØ

During our time together, not only was he an amazing coworker, but also a great friend. Colin truly understands the role of sales from a legal perspective and would help support our team anyway that he could. Willing to hop on external calls at a moments notice to wrap up contracts or meet internally to discuss our strategy with each negotiation, Colin put the goals of the organization before his own. Colin took the time to not only get to know each of member of our sales team via “Legal Lunches” every month, but he also took time to educate our sales team on our legal process via monthly contract training courses. His dedication to helping those around him is unmatched. I am grateful to work with Colin for the time that I did and hope for the opportunity to work with Colin again. – Ross Dubuc, Former Co-Worker; Director of Sales at Enterprise Information Resources Inc.