Legal Technology Resource Center –

This is a resource site maintained by the ABA offering a bevy of resources on various legal technology topics.


A blog devoted to legal technology news run by the well-known lawyer and legal technology legal tech writer Robert Ambrogi.

Legal Mosaic Blog –

The blog of the truly indomitable and renowned legal innovation guru Mark A. Cohen.

The Law21 Blog –

The blog of the website of Jordan Furlong, the often-quoted legal futurist and legal forecaster.


A great site for those interested in operating a more efficient law practice, legal marketing, and legal technology.

Law Insider –

A robust and growing collection of legal resources known especially for their growing collection of contractual language and clauses.

Ken Adams on Contract Drafting

Ken Adams is to many individuals THE expert in contract drafting matters and has a wealth of expertise in the area. He also kindly offers many resources on his site.