I recently spoke with Tunji Williams, a truly inspiring legal tech founder and entrepreneur. He describes himself (and accurately, I would say) as “a dreamer, entrepreneur, technologist and former mergers and acquisitions attorney building a team to help revolutionize deal process technology and service delivery for corporate transactions, and beyond.”

Tell me a little bit about your background and the impetus behind DealWIP.

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I recently interviewed Steven O’Donnell, Director of Product Marketing and Sales for Mitratech. Mitratech is a leader in the legal operations and workflow automation space. They describe themselves as a “proven global technology partner for corporate legal departments and risk & compliance professionals seeking to raise productivity, control expense, and mitigate risk by deepening organizational alignment, increasing visibility, and spurring collaboration across the enterprise.”

How would you define innovation?

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I recently spoke with Richard Mabey. Richard is a co-founder and the CEO of Juro. Juro is “an award-winning end-to-end contract management platform, which transforms contracts from the end of something painful into the start of something great.” I asked him about his beginnings within the legal tech world and his current thoughts on legal tech and Juro.

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Rob Saccone is an entrepreneur and recognized expert in technology, business and practice optimization within the legal industry, spending the last 20 years studying and serving legal markets worldwide.  He’s built and sold tech businesses, designed and launched new products and business models for law firms and legal tech vendors, and advises participants in the legal ecosystem from startups to global firms on business and technology strategy, new product and market development and data-driven innovation.

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Kunoor Chopra  been involved in the legal services outsourcing industry since 2004 when she founded LawScribe, one of the pioneer companies in the industry. Her vision has always been to create a platform for customers that provides them with the best, most effective and efficient options to obtain and manage legal services. This means transforming the way legal services are delivered through technology and by providing customers with the right resources for service delivery, domain experts, process efficiencies and complete visibility into the who, what, where and how of services being delivered.

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Dennis Kennedy is a professional speaker, author, adjunct law professor, podcaster, innovator, and authority on issues at the intersection of law, technology, and business. He is one of the best-known experts, authors, and commentators on legal technology and the application of technology to the practice of law. Dennis helps clients improve processes and systems to drive innovation, value, and efficiency into legal services, provide advice and education, and coach and mentor legal professionals.

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Justin “Jay” Evans is a third-year at Michigan State University College of Law where he is learning to use his scientific expertise and diverse work experience to advise clients on the cutting edge, through the use of innovative technology to make legal work more effective and efficient by optimizing the latest best practices.

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For this interview, I decided to follow up with someone I had previously interviewed – Josh Kubicki. I suggest reading that interview first.

Given your background, for the young in-house counsel who wants to engage in innovation, how would you advise them?

Do not ask about getting involved in “innovation.” Do not use that word. Do not ask about AI or robotics or other hype terms. Do not read the thought leaders in the legal press and echo chamber. Do not buy into the bullshit of #legaltech, #legaldesign, or other slapped-on, shallow, in-authentic terms/words that some people use to self-credential based on nothing.

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Jae Um is a strategy executive, insights analyst & business designer for fast-changing legal markets, with 10+ years of industry experience. She leverages a highly diverse skillset to generate powerful actionable insights. Jae recently joined the law firm of Baker McKenzie as Director of Pricing Strategy. She is also a contributing author to Legal Evolution, American Lawyer, and other publications covering the legal industry. Jae also founded and is the executive director of Six Parsecs. Prior to her current roles, she served in a progression of high-impact roles in client service innovation & strategic growth at Seyfarth Shaw.

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With more than 25 years’ experience as a leader in professional firms, John Chisholm established his own consultancy in 2005 to share his expertise and experience with firms looking to move beyond the traditional firm model. John is a strong advocate that firms of the future be defined by:

1. finding or rediscovering their purpose,
2. moving away from pricing their services solely by time
3. stop using ineffective performance management ‘tactics’, and
4. implement alternatives to the partnership model.

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