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Are you interested in having Colin speak at your next event?


Colin is an energizing legal tech expert who engages with his audience and is eager to encourage them to participate whenever he delivers a presentation. He challenges audiences on their assumptions about technology and its role in the legal industry.


Approaching the topic of legal tech from a human-first perspective, Colin frames the topic and related issues around user experience, meeting people where they are in terms of their tech fluency. Audiences come away empowered, inspired and encouraged to explore the dynamic and ever-changing legal tech world.


Colin's insights are easy to apply in practice and always mixed with bits of humor - because after all - learning about tech should be fun!


​To inquire about having Colin speak, please go to the contact page to get in touch.



“Colin is a human first. He cares about the sustainable, civil and habitable future of law. His delivery of insights about legal innovation and technology is superb. He translates complex concepts in to enjoyable and digestible bites as he connects deeply with the audience in his writing and posts. It is a pure treat to experience Colin in action!”

Olga V. Mack ​     - CEO of Parley Pro, Author, Speaker, Women’s Advocate

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