Legal Departments are utilizing technology more and more to automate tasks, manage demanding workflows and to save them time.  However, the leaders of law departments are often flummoxed by the plethora of technological solutions that exist. Moreover, law department heads often cannot afford and/or do not want to spend precious (and limited) time finding the right solution for their needs.

As general counsel or legal department head, your time, budget, and expertise is limited. Yet, the demands being placed upon you seem to grow each day. You need help helping save time, money, and effort. I can be that help. Here’s a few examples of how I can help you.

1)    Due Diligence. You know what your tech need is. You need a way to manage your complicated workflows. You already have narrowed the list down of potential vendors, but need to conduct further diligence. You are concerned about spending the time to do so since it is so limited. I can thoroughly research the vendors, conduct initial testing of them, and provide you with a report of my findings. You then can simply select the vendor that best seems to fit.

2)    Contracts Management. Suppose you have countless contracts and need to find a way to manage them, search them, and track them. You know that there are many companies out there offering such features, but you have neither the time nor knowledge to know how to find the right one. With my insider knowledge of the industry, robust network of contacts, and thorough understanding of the technologies that exist including their pros and cons, I can help you find the right solution that meets your specific needs.

3)    Implementation planning. You have selected a vendor. But you have complex needs that require tweaking, testing, and developing a plan for how to implement. You simply do not have the time to find someone to implement nor the expertise to develop the plan and do it yourself with the vendor. I can work with the vendor to develop this plan in collaboration with you and find you the right team for the job.

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Colin S. Levy is a seasoned corporate attorney who has worked primarily in-house in a range of legal roles and for a range of companies including a fast-growing software company, a legal technology startup, a global manufacturing company, and a large multi-national corporation. Mr. Levy’s academic background includes a Certificate in Legal Innovation and Technology from Suffolk University Law School, a Juris Doctor degree from Boston College Law School, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Policy and Law Phi Beta Kappa, with Honors from Trinity College, Hartford Connecticut. He is also will soon be a certified Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma.