When I started my blog, I thought that I was starting it for one clear goal. That goal was to provide a means for me to write about what I have learned from working most of my career in-house and working with contracts. However, as I began writing and sharing my own knowledge, it became clear that there was actually another goal I had in mind that wasn’t clear to me at the time. It was connected to something I had become keenly aware of through my work experience and through talking to others and reading what others were saying. That goal was to learn about the changes impacting the legal industry and then to share what I have learned with others.

I have been fascinated by the law and by the practice of law for many years. Even before I knew what it meant to be a lawyer, I was intrigued by laws, why they were written that way, and why others interpreted laws the way they did. I was also intrigued by how lawyers practiced using their specialized knowledge to provide solutions for clients. As I learned more about the law, spent time working for a law firm, then attending law school followed by various work stints, I witnessed firsthand the current state of law practice and knew things couldn’t just be better, but they had to be better. Not just for clients, but for the lawyers themselves as well.

I realized that the changes impacting the practice of law could not be ignored. So, I started to tweet about my thoughts about the legal industry. Then, as I read more and more about legal technology and legal innovation, my thoughts turned to expanding upon what I was reading and to connect with those at the forefront of observing and/or changing the practice of law.

So, today my blog reflects just that – an ongoing series of interviews and discussions with a variety of individuals taking disparate approaches to either changing the practice of law, helping others change the practice of law, and/or observing how others are attempting to do so either though technology, innovation, or some combination of the two. I vowed to myself when I started conducting these interviews to never cease to continue to push for change within legal industry and to advocate for innovation within the practice of law.

Though this blog may be visually different and hopefully simpler to navigate, the real goal is to encourage more and more of those potentially interested in the law, currently practicing the law, or seeking to change the practice of law to learn about what these changes are, what they mean now and could mean in the future, and/or what you can do now to prepare for the new, shifting reality of practicing law.

Lastly, might be end by thanking all of you who have read, subscribed, and especially to those who have contributed to making this blog be what it is. All of you excite me and inspire me. This journey may have started out as an unexpected and unpredictable one, but it has always been and will continue to be a constantly rewarding one. Thank you.