I recently spoke with Puneet Tiwari.  Puneet is an experienced litigator and his experience as a litigator inspired him to solve a problem that he frequently encountered when he practiced. He has since co-founded Evichat, which is a legal technology tool designed to “remove the redundancies in mobile collections for law firms.” 

What sparked your interest in legal technology?

I always had an interest in technology – always had a computer growing up and the internet as soon as it was available. When I became a lawyer, it was just a natural progression!

Tell me a little about Evichat and the problem that you were trying to solve.

When I was practicing, I found all my litigation clients were sending me evidence from their mobile devices, be it text messages, WhatsApp, Slack, or another chat app. They were sending me screen shots which are not searchable and can quickly become unmanageable. I tried to look for a better solution online but couldn’t find one so my co-founder (Nilesh Pandey) and I decided to build Evichat. Evichat allows clients to send text messages and other IM Chat communications directly from their mobile device to their lawyer in a native format where their lawyer can search, redact, and export it.  It’s eDiscovery for every chat.

What has been the most important lesson you have learned thus far about legal technology?

Paying customers rule the world. Buzzwords like AI and Blockchain make great headlines, but at the end of the day paying customers keep the lights on.

What advice would you have for other lawyers seeking to learn about the world of legal technology?
Dive in! Talk to your colleagues to see what others are doing in their practice.

What has most surprised you about working with legal technology?

It’s a wide- open space. There are lots of areas waiting for disruption within law.