Technology has opened the doors wide open to new ways of thinking about and delivering legal services. It also has inspired and continues to inspire an array of new innovations within the legal industry.

I have witnessed many of these developments first hand through working in-house for a wide range of companies in a diverse array of fields and now being the sole counsel for a small and fast-growing SaaS technology company. I love working in-house as it has allowed me to become ever more entrepreneurial and collaborative and, above all else, to always focus on people first, then the processes in place before focusing on or implementing technology.

I also have written articles on legal technology and legal innovation:

In addition, I have been lucky enough to have been featured in several interviews including with LAWsome:

and with dealcloser:

The constant opportunities to apply my knowledge and to increase my knowledge is incredibly rewarding both personally and professionally, is something that I look forward to each day, and remind me of why I love innovation, legal technology, and being a lawyer.

I started this blog as a way for me to write about working as an in-house attorney. It quickly became a place for me to explore both by myself and with others what it means to innovate within the practice of law, what it means to use and create legal technology, and how legal technology and legal innovation are connected and not connected.

As a strong advocate for collaboration and the sharing of knowledge, I welcome conversations with anyone who may be interested in legal innovation, legal technology, or anyone who may already share my passion for legal technology and/or legal innovation. Feel free to find and connect with me on Twitter, on my Facebook page, or via LinkedIn.

Photo on this page was taken by Jared Boesse.